WiFi Surveys

Performing a wireless site survey, usually refers to surveying the conditions of a building or an area for optimal radio linkage.  Although placement and power are very important, Futures Inc looks at wireless surveys in another significant angle:  SECURITY.  Radio waves in wireless LANs enable vulnerabilities in networks and they extend the physical borders of a building.

The possibility that rogue wireless access points may be present on the corporate network is one of the most critical security issues companies should be concerned with today. A rogue access point is one that the company does not authorize for operation. One problem is that rogue access points often don't conform to wireless LAN (WLAN) security policies, which enables a defenseless interface to the corporate network from outside the physically controlled facility.

Although a site survey may be for a company to determine how much power to use and placement of AP devices, our purpose is for security issues:

  •     To identify ROGUE access points in a business location that were not authorized to be put into use by the parent company.
    • This could cause serious security concerns for a company's internal network infrastructure.
  •     To identify the true security of a wireless network.  To make sure any encryption being used is of the type assumed by the user.
  •     To identify any security concerns (penetration) that might be possible through any WiFi devices.
  •     To identify range of signal, outside of place of business.
  •     To determine bleed over other from WiFi networks into a business location.

With an increasing number of businesses being attacked through wireless networks, security of these networks becomes essential.  As businesses seek faster speeds and enhanced security, Futures Inc is working diligently to protect its clients wireless arena.   Contact us today, and let the Futures Inc team secure your company for the wireless world.

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