About Us

Welcome to Futures, Inc.

**NOTE: Our updated services website is operational.  We have upgraded our services site for expansion in 2022.  The update allows us to provide more services to customers.

We have been in business since 1996.  Our motto, "Innovative Cyber Consultants".  We have worked for government agencies, fortune 100 companies, and everything from small to very large businesses as well as individuals with problems that need solved.  We pride ourselves in helping others solve their problems, innovate, and deliver.  Our most beloved projects include those that explore into areas that have little to no good solutions, and we help pave the path forward.

Due to the overwhelming problems that exist in the Cyber environment, Futures has refocused our efforts starting in 2019 to help companies identify issues that are exposed to adversaries.  This capability is through an automated process, and use of techniques and solutions we have developed over the past 23 years.  Several from scratch protected technologies exist in which Futures owns the intellectual property rights, alone.  These technologies provide an advantage over what others offer in this same technology space, and they deal with automated processing of information.  The primary service is known as IntrOSINT (Introspective Open Source Intelligence).


Futures, Inc.