Futures, Inc. has established a service called IntrOSINT™ to provide an Introspective OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) view of US companies. IntrOSINT™ is focused solely on providing US businesses with an introspective view of their information exposure through the application of state-of-the-art OSINT technologies and analysis. We believe that our service, created via fully proprietary technology, will provide significant corporate value by delivering actionable information that allows businesses to mitigate the risk of information that is already available, modify their infrastructure and information dissemination behavior to minimize future exposure, and confound adversarial attempts to harm the business through cyber espionage. We offer this service as a one-time analysis or as a subscription service, where periodic analyses are performed for a designated term at a reduced per-analysis cost basis.  For more information about this service or request an IntrOSINT™ effort, please contact our team via email.

Under the IntrOSINT line of products, we will be delivering our first online service before the end of 2020.  Yes, this is very soon!!  We are excited!!